Design Management Services

Design Management Services

SEA Consult expertise lies in the most important part and which is in the process of design and co-ordination of any new  construction project, the Design Phase is all-encompassing and includes on-going and refined feasibility and planning. Construction budgets are established and a Master Plan or action program is developed.

Throughout the course of design development, it is SEA Consult’s prime responsibility to provide continuous advice to the client by collaborating with the Design Team, overseeing the preparation of the design documents, studying the benefits of alternatives and maintaining control of costs.

Design phase services

  • Design Consultant Team Management
  • Project Meetings and Minutes
  • Design Review Facilitation
  • Cost Estimates / Control
    • Programming
    • Schematic Design
    • Design Development
    • Construction Documents
  • Value Engineering / Life Cycle Analysis
  • Agency Approvals
  • Constructability Reviews
  • FF&E Coordination
  • Budget Management
    • Commitments / Cash Flow / Payments
    • Change Orders
  • Contract Management

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